Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Travyon Martin Shooting reaction and GOP Primaries 2012

Hello my fellow humanoids, welcome to the 4/4/12 show on Sack Head Radio. This is a long one, but we take a "break" in the middle so you can pee, so just remember who thinks of you.
This weeks show we discuss the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida. We go back and forth on how we do react to events of this kind, and whether or not we SHOULD react the way we do. Also, how much of peoples is media driven.
After we take a small break, we talk about the 2012 elections and "Sack Head" Shaun speculates on the GOP strategy. Clint does a little speculation of his own just because he doesn't like to be left out. Some good back and forth here. At the end, we get a surprise guest (sorta)
Also, how to effectively sweep a room. we discuss brooms, and all the different types and methods.

Have a listen here:

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Also, we are throwing around an idea where you record audio files (short) and email it to us. if we use it on the show, you get the luxury of being on our  show. Nothing more then 30 seconds, and ask a question, make a statement, sing doesn't matter. email submission to

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