Sunday, April 1, 2012

This Weeks show is all about the people, the needed tax on the rich, helping Occupy Wall Street, and saving the health care law! (A.k.a. the April Fools Show)

(The April Fools edition, thanks to those the played along!)

That is right my friends, grab your drum and get in the circle, the Sack Heads are doing our part for the little man. We discuss why The President's newest (yet, old) plan for taxing the rich needs to be implemented. How we can reorganize Occupy Wall Street and help the cause and 101 reasons why we need to save the Health Care Law. Clint also has evidence that the Founders were rich aristocrats who only cared about themselves. All that and we deal with our first phone call on the air from a Michael Moore Hater! Have a listen, you will be loving us!

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Also, why does this guy hate us, we are helping...yay for hate mail!

So, we figured this guy was so right, we would respond:

Also, read our April Fools Press Release (ignore the typo's)

Or Read it here;

We HAVE NOT changed formats and will continue to do our best to bring fact to the table, and then throw our meaningless opinions on top of it! Here is the press release explaining it all;

Or you can read it here 


  1. Anonymous1/4/12 14:33

    Ok. You guys got me . CIF Watch also did it with "Abbas agrees to reform Charter and get rid of provisions calling for Israel's destruction".

    April Fools!!

    and One Million dollars ain't shit, ain't rich. Screw Chairman O! NOBAMA in 2012~!!!

    - Publius

  2. Anonymous1/4/12 22:22

    A Hater!! You Have Arrived!! haters are good - means someone got pissed off. good! they are alive - now: go feed!!


    1. Love to have a hater, it means we are doing SOMETHING CORRECT! Going to keep plugging away. They will hate out next show for sure!

  3. janemiami11/4/12 14:51

    Brilliant. OMG. Amazing satire.

  4. Thank you we aim to please, or at least Amuse ourselves...mission accomplished on self amusement!