Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Syria and the U.N. - By "Sack Head" Woody

By now I am sure everyone is aware of the situation in Syria, with the uprisings against the ruling Baath party and in particular its head, Assad.  The world media is quick to denounce the government forces as being horrible and barbaric in a brutal crackdown of the insurrection.  Yes denounce the forces who are engaging the enemy after they have been stacked and who where uniforms designating them as combatants.  This is a situation with many layers and details that we as civilians are not privy to and cannot see.  I am not condoning a totalitarian regime in any sense, I am just pointing out the fact that the FSA or the Free Syrian Army may not be the activists that the media portrays them to be.  The insurrection began back in March of 2011, many are calling this the Arab Spring, a push within a few Arabic countries towards democracy.  However, as we have seen in Egypt, this is not truly the case.  It is not a push for democracy, it is merely the installment of another totalitarian regime in place of another.  The protests began in Damascus and were given ample time to express their message (mind you ample time in Syria is about three hours, but this is a good start for a man who executes his cooks when they put lima beans in his salads), when government forces began using riot control methods to disperse the crowds, the activists who were calling for the death of Assad reacted violently.  Thus starting the insurrection.  When the insurgent forces realized that they were outmanned and outgunned they fled into the countryside taking refuge in villages and outlying border towns.  These insurgent forces wear no insignia, no uniform, designating them from civilians.  The FSA is putting the people that they are protecting into harms way.  Many times after engaging the government forces the insurgents will flee and hide amongst refugees and unarmed civilians, thus endangering them.  The insurgent forces are not the innocent activists that the UN and world media portray them to be.  Much like the government forces are continuing to press into regions of rebel activities leading up to the cease-fire the rebels are still taking the fight to the government checkpoints.  Much like the situation over the weekend where a group of rebels attacked and killed six government soldiers and fled into a Turkish border refugee camp.  The rebels just killed six of the soldiers at the checkpoint, of course the other soldiers are going to retaliate and pursue the rebels, they just killed six of their brothers.  The rebels did not retreat to a fortified position they ran into a civilian refugee camp.  These are not the activists that they are portrayed to be, they are just as brutal as the regime that they are fighting against.  The push by government forces over the weekend leading up to the cease fire is a logical move for Assad, since the last time that they agreed to pull out of a region back in January it was immediately flooded by rebel forces armed and ready to fight.  And when Assad issued a statement requesting that the rebel forces lay down their arms as well the leader of the FSA refused[1].  This is a unilateral cease-fire proposed by the U.N. they expect the Syrian government to pull back and allow a weakened insurrection to arm themselves again?  Not a logical move by any standards.  The Secretary General of the U.N. Ban Ki-Moon stated on Friday that the upcoming cease-fire is not an excuse for continued killing[2].  Does this man listen to himself, of course it is.  Its the logical thing to do, weaken the enemy prior to the cease-fire so you can guarantee that the insurrection will not be able to reinforce itself.  The U.N. in this scenario has not been useful at all, the actions taken thus far do not speak of peace to me, they speak of damning a brutal government and uplifting an equally brutal insurrection.  When will the United Nations learn that just because someone rises against a violent regime does not mean that they are any better (ie the Russian Revolution and the creation of the U.S.S.R).  Paperwork has never worked in favor of peace or the U.N., I recall one piece in particular that was supposed to give peace in our time.  Then when Annan negotiated a deal with Iraqi leader Sadaam Hussein in 1998 that would allow weapons inspectors back into the country, he declared Hussein a man I could work with, even though Hussein quickly backed on the negotiated deal[3].  When will the U.N. realize that it cannot solve the worlds problems through paperwork, sometimes military action needs to be taken, wait.I forgot about how the U.N. refuses to take action even when 800,000 Tutsi were slaughtered in Rwanda and in Serbia when the U.N. troops were taken hostage.  The U.N. should take a look at its historical lack of success and sit this one out.  And if one does decide to take part in the region just be sure that the side you support actually likes you (Ahem Afghanistan). Coughspittle.vomit into trashcan.

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[2] Human Rights Group Claims Syrian Troop Has Executed More Than 100 Civilians Associated Press, April 9, 2012. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/04/09/human-rights-group-claims-syrian-troops-executed-more-than-100-civilians/
[3] Paving the Road to Hell: The Failure of U.N. Peacekeeping.  William Shawcross, 2000. http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/55875/max-boot/paving-the-road-to-hell-the-failure-of-u-n-peacekeeping


  1. Anonymous19/4/12 17:33

    My take? Muslim on Muslim violence - I'm okay with that. What saves the west is that everytime Islam is just about to "take the world by storm", the Muslims start eating each other, just like zombies.

    Soooooo, while they are having their way with each other, prepare for the zombie apocalypse. here's a good site to peruse:

    http://www.prophetofdoom.net - goddamn eye opener (use them as long as Islam has not yet put them out)!

    So patriots, have a beer and sit down and watch some Syrian videos - learn tactics and technique - that shit is for real and they want to serve it cold to you!

    -Two Gun Cohen

  2. Anonymous19/4/12 17:35

    PS: nice piece! - well written and sourced. and true - I guess - maybe - who knows anymore..going to take another run at the wall.......I know I can, I know I can...