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Sack Heads with Jake 03/26/14

Welcome to the Sack Heads Radio Show! Live from the Sack Head S.H.OP"! (Sack Heads OPerations) (unless you're listening to the podcast, then it was recorded live, but not actually get it).

Each week we rip into politics, news and current events. Has the government gone too far? Are your rights being attacked? Out of control world leaders? We got it covered.

With a sharp tongue and occasional potty humor, we strive to keep the facts straight, and pick up where Main Stream Media ignores or hides. This isn't your parent’s conservative talk show; this is the Sack Heads Radio. “Conservative Kick Ass”


This Show Will Be Sanctioned! 03/19/14

This week the Sack Heads recap their coverage of the California Republican Party Spring Convention, including coverage of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's speech, gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly, and Texas Congressman Pete Sessions. Also, the Sack Heads hosted Contra Costa District Attorney Mark Peterson, as well as murder victim family members Kermit Alexander, former NFL star, whose family was murdered in Los Angeles and Phillis Loya, whose son was a murdered police officer. They spoke about Californians for Death Penalty Reform and Savings (


Click Here For Republican Convention Photos 03/15/14

We will be uploading images through out the day! leave a comment about possible interview questions you would like use to ask!

California Republican Convention - San Francisco 3/14 - 3/16

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Come join the Sack Heads Radio Show at the California Republican Party Spring Convention March 14 - 16. We will be covering all three days, with live broadcasts Saturday and Sunday. We will also be doing regular updates through the convention on our I Heart Radio and Spreaker Feeds. We will do everything we can, to get you the information and interviews you need.

If you are going to be attending the convention, come by our booth inside the Regency Ballroom Foyer and say HELLO!



Crimea River Vlad, Cold War 2? 03/05/14

On this episode, the Sack Heads take a hard in depth look at the growing crisis in the Crimea region of Ukraine; including a timeline of events leading up to the Russian occupation. Also, the Sack Heads provide some historical context into the current reign of Vlad the Put Put (Vladimir Putin) including his background in the KGB and Russian military operations since 2012 reminiscent of Cold War times.